WE design space to
feel good.

Colors, light, fabrics & shapes
Discover the beauty of living and working with style: color, comfort and elegance.

See, feel, experience –
high-quality interior design for businesses and private living.

Our brand stands for individuality and feeling — in everything we do. We begin with our customers’ dreams, wishes, and expectations, and we translate them into a cohesive vision. We develop and consistently implement technically sophisticated solutions for interior architecture and design.

Our story begins in 2019. After studying interior design and working in Viennese design offices for several years, Ing. Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, MA was ready to start her own business. “Life needs more color,” she thought, and set out to give the world a taste of SCHÖNSTIL.

More about SCHÖNSTIL

At the heart of diversity is uniqueness. Ernst Ferstl

With us, your wishes come to life. We merge design, planning, and implementation to create spaces that combine our clients’ aesthetics and style with functionality.

Callwey: Best of Interior 2022

We are very pleased that our residential project “extraordinary living” has been selected among the top 50 projects 2022 and is thus featured in the new book “Best of Interior 2022” published by Callwey. It is a great honor for us to be awarded by the largest home design award in the German-speaking world for … Continued Read more

Lieben wir

Kurier: New coffee hotspot “Lieben Wir”

Many thanks to the Kurier for the coverage of our latest gastronomic project “Lieben wir”. The coffee concept store was created according to our design and shines in a fresh and inviting look in the heart of Vienna. Read more

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