delivers creative interior design solutions for residential and commercial interiors

Our brand stands for individuality and experience — in everything we do. We begin with our customers’ dreams, wishes and expectations. We develop technically sophisticated and well-thought-out solutions for interior architecture and design. Whenever desired, we implement these solutions for our customers. 

What makes us the ideal partners for independent interior design for companies and private individuals? We are flexible and creative. You benefit from our constant contact, our quick decision-making, and our personal commitment. For us and our professional network of specialists, no project is too big and no room is too small. 

Yvonne Meindl-Cavar, SCHÖNSTIL founder and expert in interior design from Vienna

I love it when you have to explore rooms first and you always discover new details

Yvonne Meindl-Cavar

Managing Director | Interior Designer

The driving force behind SCHÖNSTIL is me, Yvonne Meindl-Cavar. I design and arrange spaces that feel good, functional, and colorful. Without my work, the world would definitely be less comfortable. What sets me apart? Whether it is custom-made furniture, flooring, or light switches. I take my time to have in-depth, personal consultations and make sure that your project is right, down to the smallest detail.

Specialties: work environments, offices, hotels, and restaurants, as well as selected private home and apartment projects.

Rooms need strength of character. They should be equally aesthetic and functional

Elisabeth Weber

Junior Interior Designer

What appeals to me about interior design is the thoughtful merging of different materials, shapes, and colors. For many years, I have expressed my feeling for beauty through costume design for the theater. Today, SCHÖNSTIL is my stage, and every project is a new scene.

Lindengasse 20/10
1070 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 997 43 59