Elegance outlasts time:
How we help you plan your space

Our goal is to bring your wishes to life. We combine our clients’ style with design, planning and implementation. Each space has its own tailored design and interior decoration. Together we create a unique space reflecting our customer’s individuality. What sets us apart from other providers of interior architecture, spatial planning, and interior design? SCHÖNSTIL combines technical expertise with an aesthetic understanding of comfortable interiors. 

Our tools are colors, fabrics, and shapes. For a successful interior design, we see ourselves as your partners. The kind of partners who listen, care about your wishes, and create new possibilities for you. Our mission is to design spaces that show who our customers are while improving the functionality of their environment.

Because good taste alone is not enough to design high-quality living and business settings, SCHÖNSTIL follows its own aesthetic. SCHÖNSTIL is colorful, exciting, and proud. And it is always elegant. Because elegance is timeless and gives our customers joy for years to come. 

Sketching ideas and floor plans

How do you move through the room, where do you want to rest? Together with us, you will find out. We listen, record, and sketch a first design idea for you, including a floor plan sketch.

Design and color

A new sofa. More room. A pleasant color. We pull together the elements of the space and create a cohesive color, material, and design concept. Fresh off the drawing board or fitting your existing fixtures and furniture — you set the direction.

Execution and implementation

We follow words with action. Together with the SCHÖNSTIL network, we get down to work. Carpentry, electrical wiring, painting, drywall construction, installations — we have it all. Our long-standing partnerships with high-caliber trade professionals bring our projects to life.

Lindengasse 20/10
1070 Vienna, Austria
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